• Events in Innsbruck

    Innsbruck provides a variety of events for those are interested in culture as well as sport fans - from Olympiaworld to the Treibhaus, to the events held on the public plazas. There is something to suit every taste, throughout the year.

    Easter festival

    Every year spring welcomes Tyrol’s Easter festival. Here various art forms come together, like music, dance, performance, readings, films and talks. The Easter festival encompasses culture-spanning maxims which are related to everyday life. The venues for the events are as variety-packed as the programmes. Early music plays in the chapel royal in Innsbruck, while there is animated discussions in the Theology department.

    Early Music festival week

    The Innsbruck Early Music festival weeks have been taking place since 1976. Music from the Middle Ages, Baroque and Classical meet here. Performances are given using authentic instruments, historic playing techniques and made contemporary by way of artistic design media.

    Bergisel ski jump

    The Bergisel sits high above Innsbruck – the Bergisel ski jump inspires with its architecture. Star architect Zaha Hadid received the Austrian State Prize for Architecture for it. In the jump tower which is 40 metres in height, you will enjoy being indulged in the ‘Bergisel Sky’ restaurant. And you can experience the mountains around Innsbruck too. The Panorama Deck opens up a 360 degree view and the city of Innsbruck is at your feet.

    Golden Roof Challenge

    In front of the Goldenes Dachl in Innsbruck the world’s elite athletes meet every year – in the pole vault and long jump disciplines. As well as impressive performances by the athletes, the FlySwat, the biggest mobile athletics facility in the world, is inspiring. 

    New Orleans Festival

    In July Innsbruck has the Blues. The New Orleans Festival has been taking place every year since 1998 in the capital of the Alps, with free entry. Stars from the Jazz scene like Les Getrex and Larry Garner have already gathered in Innsbruck. Local musicians have also found a stage here.

    Innsbruck’s mountain New Year’s Eve

    There is a great deal of celebration to mark the turn of the year in Innsbruck. As part of the mountain New Year’s Eve celebrations, as well as an impressive laser show on the Inn and on the Seegrube, there is also a party in the centre of the city, when live music, culinary treats and a vibrant show programme awaits visitors.